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Tree235X160PipelineManager With Pipeline Manager, neglected sales leads and lost sales are an issue of the past. Now you can remain in contact with your prospects and clients with a fully automated system that makes the most of your selling time.

Pipeline allows producers to easily manage leads, opportunities and X-dates and gives managers insight into the sales pipeline.  For the producer, Pipeline provides a real time snapshot of your sales pipeline and expected sales.  Vertafore Pipeline manager provides accountability to insurance agency management through real time dashboards and sales reports that clearly show the status of each producer.

Unlike many generic sales force automation systems, Pipeline Manager has been customized specifically for the insurance industry to provide clear, intuitive navigation making it easy to implement.  Your producers are ready to meet with prospects or provide service to their customers whether they are in the office or out onsite with their customers.

Key advantages:

  • Provides comprehensive lead management
  • Gives you a snapshot of your prospects anywhere in the funnel
  • Rounds out current client accounts; cross sell across your client and prospect base
  • Tracking of Policy X Dates
  • Ability to import leads using standard import formats
  • Enhances your insurance producer sales team performance
  • Automated process for managers to track producer performance
  • Producers and managers alike have instant pipeline visibility
  • Ability to export data to excel for comprehensive sales analysis

Vertafore Producer Advantage is the free mobile application which allows the producer to extend Pipeline Manager functionality when away from the office.  In addition to creating and managing prospects and opportunities, Producer Advantage also allows you to service your existing accounts with expanded integration with AMS360 which provides access to detailed client, policy and coverage information.

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