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The MGA market is more in need of automation than ever. The fiercely competitive landscape means standardized business practice, automated data entry and connectivity are the keys to not just surviving the marketplace but excelling in it.

Do you struggle with...What if...

Compliance issues on E&O claims?

You could be confident that your team completes processes in a systematic, fully compliant way that not only increases efficiency but also limits your E&O exposure? What if there was a way to automatically ensure that the right employees do the right thing at the right time—and a way to document their actions for full disclosure to your clients?

Duplicative effort required by disjointed and inaccurate reporting across various systems.

When preparing monthly reports by office, data could be entered just once in one system and would then be automatically available to other systems and for consolidated executive reports?

The inability to quickly and accurately measure employee productivity and workloads.

Your management team had reporting tools that could quantify actual productivity and reallocate workload for faster turnaround time?

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