New deployment, upgrade and system migration.

Vertafore provides a complete IT solution with your software implementation, so you can ensure you have the hardware and network configuration you need to get the maximum performance out of your Vertafore software. Vertafore not only delivers industry-leading software and professional services, but also supports your business with hardware and IT planning expertise so you gain the convenience of a complete solution, a partner that understands your business, and a stable, reliable platform to support your business growth.

Gain Peace of Mind
Vertafore hardware and engineering services ensure your hardware solution is right for your agency.  With Vertafore, you gain peace of mind knowing Vertafore manages your entire IT solution, from order to implementation. Unlike a local solution provider with little or no knowledge of Vertafore’s applications and how best to run them, Vertafore is the leading provider of insurance distribution channel solutions, with over 20 years of experience delivering IT solutions for independent insurance agencies.

Deploy New Technology Faster by Working with Experts in Insurance
Vertafore supports your end-to-end solution—from hardware, to software, to services— as you transform your agency with a new deployment.  Our insurance experts take an agency-wide view of your software, hardware and goals and make recommendations for improving efficiency and productivity.

  • Develop hardware recommendations
  • Develop a system administration strategy
  • Build configuration standards
  • Install, configure and support new servers, virtualization, storage, backups, printers and scanners
  • Set up remote access
  • Automate cumbersome tasks associated with system administration and management
  • Plan and implement a backup and disaster recovery solution

Gain the Convenience of a Complete Migration Solution
Vertafore can help you migrate easily, with the convenience of a complete software, hardware and services solution.  Save time and eliminate your risk of losing valuable data and uptime by working with insurance experts who understand your business, your data and rely on proven hardware technology. 

Optimize your technology investment when moving to a new system:

  • Replace aging hardware with industry-standard technology
  • Install and configure new servers, storage, backups, printers and scanners
  • Simplify system management with server and desktop virtualization
  • Access complete hardware and software support

Support Your System Upgrade with a Stable Platform
Our proven hardware and engineering services provide a reliable and stable platform to support your business growth.  Make sure you have the hardware and services to get the most performance when you upgrade your insurance agency manaagement system. 

Vertafore supports your enterprise system upgrade:

  • Large scale rollouts and upgrades of new or existing PCs
  • Software and operating system upgrades
  • Server installation, configuration and support
  • Implementation of storage area networks (SAN) and server virtualization 

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