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WorkSmart® Agency Process Management Solution

WorkSmart empowers you to exceed aggressive growth goals, without having to hire and train an army of new employees. Increase your agency’s capacity with industry best practices, intelligent workflows, and a true content management approach, so you can spend less time doing paperwork and more time with clients.

Get your workflow under control

Maximize your staff’s efficiency by reducing the number of steps to complete renewals, endorsements and other routine processes. Centralize processes, balance workloads, and increase staff capacity, so that everyone can be more productive and spend more time servicing customers and growing business.


If you have implemented a workflow management system to increase efficiencies and a document management system to electronically store documents, but you still struggle to increase your revenue per employee, it’s time to consider WorkSmart.

  • Intelligent workflows route work to the right person at the right time, reducing steps.
  • Content management turns content into action by utilizing the data in your management system.
  • Business process reporting looks forward so you can solve issues before they become a problem.

“We grew 25% without adding staff.”

Heather Cochrane Directory of Business Management Solutions,   Renaissance Insurance

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