Efficient Contracting Solution

Efficient Contracting Solution™ (ECS™) is the industry-leading forms solution for agent contracting. This solution offers agent contracting through a web-based Intelligent Interview™. ECS is a new, more efficient way to contract with one or multiple carriers and eliminates the manual and paper-intensive contracting process. You can now transmit accurate data between agent and distributor to a carrier’s legacy systems.

Key Functions

  • The Intelligent Interview
  • Data collection
  • Supplement documents (licenses, E&O coverage, direct deposit and legal)
  • Populate to one or more carrier’s contracts
  • Electronic signature
  • Configurable bundles, ability to bundle various carrier forms
  • Integration with carriers legacy systems (export data)
  • Hierarchy, commission level and signature placement
  • Fax in supporting documentation

Key Benefits

  • Transitions to a paperless environment
  • Saves time and money
  • Automates data population to reduce manual errors
  • Improves data accuracy
    Receives contracts "in good order"

ECS supports over 400 carriers and maintains over 10,000 active carrier forms.

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