CMS G2™ allows companies to complete compliance-related transactions faster and with greater accuracy, freeing you to focus on customer service.

1. New Hire Processing

Reduces the time it takes for a producer or registered representative to begin selling with online approval of company forms. CMS G2 can automate your company forms, including:

  • Contracting packets and compliance forms
  • New hire forms
  • Appointment requests

Electronic data collection saves time and provides more accurate information. CMS G2 determines what forms are required, asks each required question one time and automatically populates all forms, reducing time and ensuring the date is accurate.

2. Licensing & Registration Processing

Automate the processing of licenses, appointments, appointment terminations and securities registration transactions, including:

  • Online nonresident licenses
  • Appointments and appointment terminations
  • U4/U5/NRF/Form BR

CMS G2 interfaces directly with regulatory entities and background investigation vendors. A built-in work queue helps you manage and process new requests.

3. Bank/Broker Dealer or Agency/Carrier Data Exchange

CMS G2 can extend the network to the producer level, enabling electronic data exchange among:

  • Producers
  • Carriers
  • Distributors
  • Banks/Broker Dealers
  • Regulatory entities

CMS G2 creates flexible, configurable workflow options so that distributors and carriers can communicate using standard technology. The entire process is automated using electronic status messaging.

4. Compliance Maintenance

For insurance companies and securities firms, CMS G2 tracks and organizes:

  • Registered representative/producer status and personal data
  • Insurance licenses and appointments/FINRA® licenses, administrative regulatory supervisors, branch/location
  • tracking, SRO and jurisdiction registrations, outside activities and outside accounts
  • Firm element, regulatory element, insurance continuing education history and company-specific training
  • Online Compliance Forms collection, tracking and reporting (e.g. Annual Compliance Questionnaire)

Now you can extend access to remote offices and interface with the FINRA® Central Registration Depository (CRD) or the NIPRSM Producer Database (PDB) to validate, populate and transmit information.

5. Education Tracking

The Education Module of CMS G2 helps you stay compliant by tracking each individual's current requirements and progress through firm element, regulatory element curricula and CE programs. The Education Module is fully integrated with Kaplan learning platforms to offer the best-of-breed solution in compliance education. CMS G2 also has the ability to integrate with third party learning platforms.

Key Functions:

  • Track CE review periods and CE requirements
  • Track course completions, education providers, state approvals and learning events
  • Identify CE exemptions
  • Create curricula based on Firm Element programs, state rules for CE and associate courses accordingly
  • Individual education reports
  • Database Module exports
  • Email notifications

You'll notice significant reduction in expenses, and experience increased revenue with improved speed to market.

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