CBDDoc harnesses the power of technology to streamline document storage retrieval

Converting paper contracts, policies, applications, faxes and claim forms to digital images is the most effective way to retrieve, route and safely store them. Available online or as an enterprise application, CBDDoc is the affordable solution for any size agency looking to simplify document storage procedures, save time, reduce E&O exposure and control overhead.

Key advantages:

  • Minimizes time wasted searching for paper documents.
  • Offers a competitive edge over agencies that still manage documents manually.
  • Makes it faster and easier to share information between offices and employees.

While online and in-house versions of CBDDoc offer the same advanced features and functions, choosing the online version of CBDDoc provides many additional benefits, including:

  • Deploy CBDDoc at a fraction of the start-up costs of an in-house system
  • Scale up or down as needed, with no risk
  • Anytime, anywhere access to information
  • Increased performance powered by Microsoft.NET technologies and SQL Server 2005
  • Better collaboration between agencies, customers, partners and employees
  • The option to convert your hosted subscription fee to an enterprise license


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