Corporate values that drive your career and our business to success.

Values help us translate our mission into behaviors which help us approach market and business problems and opportunities from a shared set of operating principles. The following will help accomplish our mission:

Customer Focus
We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations; we act with the customer in mind and maintain effective customer relationships.

Drive for Results
We demonstrate concern for achieving or surpassing objectives, we show passion for improving delivery of services with a commitment to continuous improvement.

We are honest and forthright, keeping our word and commitments. We demonstrate sound business ethics by protecting proprietary assets and intellectual properties. We are intolerant of harassment or abuse of employees.

Big Picture Thinking
We anticipate and meet future customer needs through effective planning that aligns with our mission and strategic initiatives. We engage in critical, high pay-off strategies and adjust actions and decisions to achieve high gain outcomes.

We develop and use effective strategies and interpersonal skills to influence and guide others toward the accomplishment of specific goals and we create and foster a continuous learning environment. We act with courage to challenge questionable business practices.

Creativity and Innovation
We generate novel and valuable ideas to develop new or improved processes, methods, products or services.

Teamwork and Collaboration
We work cooperatively with others to accomplish Vertafore objectives.

Adaptability/Openness to Change
We respond to change with a positive attitude and willingness to learn new ways to accomplish objectives.
We understand linkages between job responsibilities and overall organization goals and needs. We take ownership for personal decisions and actions. We set standards for ownership and accountability for team members.

Good Judgment 
We make decisions authoritatively and wisely, after adequately contemplating various courses.

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