Team members share how Vertafore helps them unleash their potential.

Lori Brennan

Lori Brennan, Executive Assistant

"We have a motto here we work by--WORK HARD, PLAY HARD! When I first started working here I kept hearing that motto and wondered what it meant. I’ve come to understand the meaning well. The people here care. They care about their work and their clients, but they also care about each other. We are a team here and that makes for a great environment to work in. Most of us are very goal oriented and I love being a part of a team like that. It drives you and makes you enjoy reaching those goals together. It’s nice to work at a company that believes there is more to a successful business than just the bottom line. Vertafore shows that PEOPLE count and make a difference in their business."

Nichelle Foster, Lead QA Engineer

"Vertafore is a company where you work hard, but enjoy the work because it comes with benefits and rewards that are nearly extinct at most companies. I take great pride in working at Vertafore because I am always made to feel as if my contribution is important. The sincerity and genuineness of my co-workers make me feel as if I am part of one big family."

Vissi Koppaka, Software Engineer and Developer II

"My job fits my expertise very well, the reality is that Vertafore is made up of mostly honest, earnest and hardworking people. People with families. People with hardships. People with ordinary and extraordinary lives. All the Vertafore employees I know are internally driven to "succeed," where success sometimes means outselling the competition but always means doing your personal best and improving people's lives with your work. Benefits are pretty complete and the focus on work flexibility is nice (tele-working, etc). The health plan is great. The training opportunities are great. If you are a self-starter and competent and meet your deadlines, this is a great place to work. It is a very productive atmosphere and supportive Management."

Brian Ulrickson, ERP Business Analyst

"My coworkers and I respect each other and work to help each other--and therefore the company--succeed. I'm an IT professional, and my department both challenges me to do my best work and provides what I need to be productive. And when my business colleagues ask for technical solutions, they work vigorously with me to get the job done."

Adam Wiedenhaefer, Manager, Development

"Simply put, it’s the people and the technology. I work with the most talented and respectful team that one could wish for. Our hiring standards ensure that we employ the best. We also are on the cutting edge when it comes to developing with new technology and the latest concepts which makes this a career destination where I can grow professionally."

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