Kathe Donlan Tribute

After 30 remarkable years, Kathe Donlan is retiring from Vertafore on July 31. In that time, she’s been known by many names and titles, but her husband Stephen calls her Woodstock—a nickname that references her hair’s resemblance to the Peanuts character. It’s a name that also caught on in her most recent role as Director of NetVU Relations for Vertafore. "Woodstock is Snoopy’s most trusted friend, and for me, Kathe has been one of our industry’s most trusted friends,” says Steph...

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Move to the Cloud

When highways first began to dominate America, one of the many industries to see record profits was the moving industry. The cause is obvious: once people start to see that they have options about the way they operate, they want to take advantage, and anyone who allows them to do so more easily definitely stands to profit. I believe the same principle applies to the global superhighway known as the Internet. See, once upon a time, your choice of places for your network to live were extr...

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Carrier of Choice: How to Improve the Agent Experience

The agent experience is your defining characteristic as a carrier. The skilled, revenue-driving agents who have chosen to sell your products are your most valuable asset. And the ease of doing business with you is commensurate to your reputation in the producer community. Think about that. How can you improve your agent experience? There a number of directions you can go with this, but many of them are just going to waste time, and money. So I’m going us...

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How will NARAB Affect State Insurance Regulators?

This is the final installment in our series on the potential impact of NARAB II on producer lifecycle stakeholders. If you haven’t seen the posts yet, we have already covered covered how the bill’s passing could affect agencies, producers and carriers. Now let us examine some ways NARAB could affect state insurance regulators. What will not change: State insurance regulators will license their resident agents just as they always have. This means the lifecycle of...

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How will NARAB affect Carriers?

As NARAB II appears closer to passing than ever before, let’s continue to explore how it would affect carriers by creating a national clearinghouse for non-resident insurance licensing. Producers who opt to go the NARAB route will be looking to get credentialed in more states, which would likely increase non-resident sales of insurance throughout the US. Of course, those producers will continue to obtain their initial resident license from their home state. This will not aff...

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